2015 Button Accordion and Concertina Workshop

On Saturday from to 2pm to 4pm a Button Accordion and Concertina workshop will be taught by respected musician Mick Dennieffe.

The workshop will take place in the Clonmany national school and admission is €10.

If you have any inquiries about these workshop or any other matters regarding the festival, phone 074- 9376265 or 087 2859287.

About Mick Denieffe

A Kilkenny man raised in a tradition steeped in an environment steeped in traditional music, who has played the accordion from a very young age. Mick came to Inishowen in the 1980’s and found kindred spirits in characters like Seamus Grant, Mick McElkenny and  many others. A man with a great feel for what is real in tradition, he is a welcome addition to our programme.

mick denieffe
Mick Denieffe