2018 Special Guests Seamus Gibson & Dermot Toland

We are delighted to announce that special guest for 2018 will be fiddle player Seamus Gibson and guitarist Dermot Toland.

Seamus and Dermot, will be the headline act for our 2018 Opening  Concert on Friday 12th of October in the Market House.

seamus gibson
Fiddle player Seamus Gibson

Seamus Gibson

Seamus Gibson was born into the rich musical tradition around St.Johnston, Co Donegal. The music of the area had strong links to the Scottish fiddle tradition and also had a great pipe band history which added to the style and repertoire of the area. Seamus would have heard the same tunes, styles and songs as his uncle Tommy Peoples, who sadly passed away in August this year. The music of his father and many others shaped Seamus in his playing, but the area also had a great tradition of composing new tunes. Seamus is a master of the tradition that was shared with Inishowen and it is clear to hear the style and tunes that Seamus Grant would have played in this guest for our 2018 weekend.

Dermot Toland

Dermot Toland has strong connections with Clonmany but now lives in Gortahork. He has accompanied Seamus Gibson on guitar for many years and has a distinct style which is rooted in understanding the tunes and the influences on the player he is backing. He will also give an advanced guitar class on accompaniment for traditional music and/or a method of learning and playing tunes on guitar.