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Eastman 315D
Tenor Guitar
Made by Fitz Howard
Tenor Banjo
Dave Boyle

Tune Tutor

To download the sheet music (with abc notation also) for the tune just click on the name of the tune.

To access the video lesson just click on the tutor name for that tune.

(On the video player you can click on settings at the bottom right and find playback speed which can be set to slower speeds for learning)

1The Girl I Left BehindSingle ReelGMandolin2Patsy TolandPatsy Toland
2The White CockadeSingle ReelGMandolin2Patsy TolandPatsy Toland
3Farewell to WhiskeySingle ReelGMandolin2Patsy TolandPatsy Toland
4The Showman's FancyHornpipeAFiddle3Roisin Mc GroryRoisin Mc Grory
5Newcastle HornpipeHornpipeGm /BbFiddle4Roisin Mc GroryRoisin Mc Grory
6Harvest HomeHornpipeDMandolin3Patsy TolandPatsy Toland
7Greencastle HornpipeHornpipeDMandolin3Patsy TolandPatsy Toland
8Flowers of AntrimHornpipeDMandolin3Patsy TolandPatsy Toland
9Geese in the BogDouble JigGBC Accordion3Mick DenieffeMick Denieffe
10Killimor JigDouble JigGC#D Accordion3Mick DenieffeMick Denieffe
11The Rose TreeSingle ReelDC#D Accordion2Mick DenieffeMick Denieffe
12Father O'FlynnDouble JigDTenor Banjo3Patsy TolandPatsy Toland
13Kitty's WeddingHornpipeDC#D accordion3Mick Denieffe
14Mooncoin ReelReelDC#D accordion3Mick DenieffeMick Denieffe
15If There Weren't Any Women in the WorldHighlandDC#D accordion2Mick DenieffeMick Denieffe
16St Anne's reelReelDTenor Banjo3Patsy TolandPatsy Toland
17East York JigDouble JigDFiddle3Roisin Mc GroryRoisin Mc Grory
18East Coast JigDouble JigDFiddle3Roisin Mc GroryRoisin Mc Grory

Our Tutors

Patsy Toland

Mandolin, Banjo & tenor Guitar

Roisin Mc Grory


Mick Denieffe

Accordion C#D

Tin Whistle






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