Tune Tutor

The ‘Tune Tutor’ is an ongoing project of our website and we will work towards having a tutor video lesson for all the tunes that have been collected from the repertoire of Seamus Grant. We hope to have a variety of instruments and invite other tutors to add to the lessons. So you may get the same tune on 2 or more instruments!


Roisin McGrory
Patsy Toland
Tenor Guitar
Mick Denieffe
Paul McClure
Piano Accordion
Clodagh Warnock

NOTE: The tunes are organised in sets as played by Seamus Grant for ceili dancing. Click on the tune name to access the video tutorial, music notation and mp3 links. The tune can also be played directly via the Listen buttons. Archive recordings of Seamus are becoming available from various sources , however the recording medium is often mono cassette tapes , regardless of the recording quality ,it is a huge benefit to have them available.

1.1Knights of Saint PatrickDouble JigD
1.2Brennan's FavouriteDouble JigD
2.1East Coast JigDouble JigDFiddleRoisin Mc Grory
2.2East York JigDouble JigDFiddleRoisin Mc Grory
3.1Killimor Jig
Double JigGC#D AccordionMick Denieffe
3.2Wandering MinstrelDouble JigD
4.1Title Not KnownDouble JigG
4.2New Rigged ShipDouble JigG
5.1Paddy in LondonDouble JigD
5.2Scotsman over the BorderDouble JigD
5.3Hartigan's FancyDouble JigG
6.1Mucking of Geordie's ByreDouble JigD
6.2Jean IrelandDouble JigA
6.3Jackson's Morning BrushDouble JigD
7.1King's FavouriteDouble JigB flat
7.2Hawk's JigDouble JigB flat
8.1Blackthorn StickDouble JigG
8.2Geese In The Bog
Double JigGBC AccordionMick Denieffe
8.3Rakes of KildareDouble JigAdor
9.1Biddy from SligoDouble JigD
9.2Smash the WindowsDouble JigD
10.1Biddy the Bold WifeDouble JigD
10.2Tell Her I AmDouble JigG
11Trip to the CottageDouble JigD
12Humours of BandonSet DanceG
13Father O'Flynn
Double JigDTenor BanjoPatsy Toland
14.1Haste to the WeddingDouble JigD
14.2Leslie's HornpipeSingle ReelD
14.3German BeauSingle ReelG
15.1Dashing White SergeantSingle ReelD
15.2Bottom of the PunchbowlSingle ReelD
15.3La RuseSingle ReelD
16.1Rose Tree
Single ReelDC#D AccordionMick Denieffe
16.2Rattling BogSingle ReelD
17Seamus Grant's PolkaPolkaD
18.1PetronellaSingle ReelD
18.2Eight Hand Reel - Tune TwoSingle ReelA
18.3My Love is but a LassieSingle ReelD
19.1Sixteen Hand Reel Tune OneSingle ReelG
19.2Sixteen Hand Reel Tune TwoSingle ReelD
19.3Duke of PerthSingle ReelG
19.4Corn reeksSingle ReelD
19.5Statten IslandSingle ReelD
19.6BirkhallSingle ReelD
19.7West EndSingle ReelD
20.1Farewell To Whiskey
Single ReelGMandolinPatsy Toland
20.2White Cockade
Single ReelGMandolinPatsy Toland
20.3Girl I Left Behind
Single ReelGMandolinPatsy Toland
20.4Boys from the County WestmeathSingle ReelD
20.5Road to LisdoonvarnaSingle ReelD
20.6Jean Kirkpatrick's FancySingle ReelD
21.1St Anne's ReelReelDTenor BanjoPatsy Toland
21.2Wise MaidReelD
21.3Merry BlacksmithReelD
22.1Spey in SpateReelDClodagh Warnock
22.2Archie Menzie's ReelReelF
23.1Sligo MaidReelG
23.2Silver SpearReelD
24.1Miss McCloed's ReelReelG
24.2Sally GardensReelG
25.1Swallow Tail ReelReelAdor
25.2Maid Behind the BarReelD
26.1Master McDermott
ReelDPiano accordionPaul McClure
26.2Roaring Mary
ReelDPiano accordionPaul McClure
27.1Tim MaloneyReelG
27.2Yellow HeiferReelG
28.1Miss MonaghanReelD
28.2Mooncoin Reel
ReelDC#D accordionMick Denieffe
29.1O'Rourke's ReelReelD
30Devil Among the TailorsReelA
31Maids of CastlebarReelD
32Fairy ReelReelD
33First Century ReelPolka
34Mairi MacLennan's ReelReelD
35Soldier's JoySingle ReelD
36.1George Owen's HighlandHighlandG
36.2Orange and BlueHighlandD
37.1Keel RowHighlandG
37.2Some Say the Devil is DeadHighlandG
38If There Wern't Any Women
BarndanceDC#D accordionMick Denieffe
39Road to the IslesHighlandD
40.1Derry HornpipeHornpipeD
40.2Greencastle Hornpipe
HornpipeDMandolinPatsy Toland
41.1Arthur's SeatHornpipeB flat
42.1Flowers Of Antrim
HornpipeDMandolinPatsy Toland
42.2Galway HornpipeHornpipeD
43.1Boys of BluehillHornpipeD
43.2Harvest Home Hornpipe
HornpipeDMandolinPatsy Toland
44.1Showman's FancyHornpipeAFiddleRoisin Mc Grory
44.2Kitty's Wedding
HornpipeDC#D accordionMick Denieffe
45Flowers of SpringHornpipeD
46High Level HornpipeHornpipeB flat
47Newcastle HornpipeHornpipeGm /BbFiddleRoisin Mc Grory
48.1Willie Hunter's Compliments to Dan R Mac DonaldStrathspeyD
48.2Stirling CastleStrathspeyD
49.1King of the FairiesHornpipeD
49.2Rights of ManHornpipeD
50Flowers of EdinburghHornpipeG
51Shoe the DonkeyMazurkaG
52Blind MaryAirD
53Dark InishowenAirD
54Our Highland QueenAirD
57Mrs Kenny's WaltzWaltzDClodagh Warnock
58Poor Girl WaltzWaltzC
59Bonnie Lass of Bon AccordMarchA
60Sweets of MayDouble JigG
61Finnegan's WakePolkaD
62Cock of the NorthDouble JigC
63Gates of DerrySet DanceD
64Dolphin WaltzWaltzA
65Kirrie KebbuckStrathspeyD
66Dean Bridge of EdinburghAirE flat
67Da Guiser's MarchMarchD
68Scottish Slow AirAirE flat
69Boreen BuiAirG
70.1Mulhaire's ReelReelD
70.2Mountain RoadReelD
71Skylark ReelReelD
72Teetotaller ReelReelG
73Stack of BarleyBarndanceG
74Shane O'Neill's MarchMarchGClodagh Warnock
75Black Swan HornpipeHornpipeDClodagh Warnock
29.2Irish GirlReelD
76Cavan Maid Behind the BarReelC
77Centenary MarchMarchD
78Single ReelSingle ReelA
79Double Jig Title Not KnownDouble JigG