Tune Tutor

The ‘Tune Tutor’ is an ongoing project of our website and we will work towards having a tutor video lesson for all the tunes that have been collected from the repertoire of Seamus Grant. We hope to have a variety of instruments and invite other tutors to add to the lessons. So you may get the same tune on 2 or more instruments!


Roisin McGrory

Patsy Toland
Banjo/Mandolin/Tenor Guitar

Mick Denieffe

NOTE: The tunes are organised in sets as played by Seamus Grant for ceili dancing. Click on the tune name to access the video tutorial, music notation and mp3 links. The tune can also be played directly via the Listen button. The ☑ symbol indicates that a recording of the tune ,played by Seamus, is available in the audio archive.

2.1East Coast JigDouble JigDFiddleRoisin Mc Grory
2.2East York JigDouble JigDFiddleRoisin Mc Grory
3.1Killimor Jig
Double JigGC#D AccordionMick Denieffe
8.2Geese In The Bog
Double JigGBC AccordionMick Denieffe
13.2Father O'Flynn
Double JigDTenor BanjoPatsy Toland
16.1Rose Tree
Single ReelDC#D AccordionMick Denieffe
20.1Farewell To Whiskey
Single ReelGMandolinPatsy Toland
20.2White Cockade
Single ReelGMandolinPatsy Toland
20.3Girl I Left Behind
Single ReelGMandolinPatsy Toland
21.1St Anne's ReelReelDTenor BanjoPatsy Toland
28.2Mooncoin Reel
ReelDC#D accordionMick Denieffe
38If There Wern't Any Women
HighlandDC#D accordionMick Denieffe
40.2Greencastle Hornpipe
HornpipeDMandolinPatsy Toland
42.1Flowers Of AntrimHornpipeDMandolinPatsy Toland
43.2Harvest Home Hornpipe
HornpipeDMandolinPatsy Toland
44.1Showman's FancyHornpipeAFiddleRoisin Mc Grory
44.2Kitty's Wedding
HornpipeDC#D accordionMick Denieffe
47Newcastle HornpipeHornpipeGm /BbFiddleRoisin Mc Grory